A True Smart Way of Transportation

Are Electric Vehicles (EV) using grid power Green and Sustainable?

Not really, as it’s more like shifting of pollution from road to grid.

Is there any viable solution for urban mobility which is zero carbon?

Yes, Sun, which is the biggest power house that blesses India with 2500-3000 hours of energy per year.

All we needed was to capture this energy efficiently through innovation and deliver the FIRST energy positive passenger vehicle – Surya Rath

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Surya Rath produces 20 kWh, and consumes 18 kWh per day

We have worked on every component, and have designed a perfect balance of weight, power, energy, and battery.
  • High impact light weight fibre glass body

  • Innovative aerodynamics design that makes it lighter during mobility

  • Latest Lithium-ion battery that would last 20 years

  • Highest efficient solar panel, to get maximum energy from a small are

  • True green transportation without any need for charging through grid electricity.

  • No charging cable and no need to wait for hours to charge.

  • 8-seater vehicle, running at top speed of 40 Km per hour, for clean, green and economical urban mobility.

  • Runs 72 Kms without charging, in other words 18 trip between two city hops 4 Kms apart.