Smart City Network Infrastructure Development Planning


No Hardware- No Cable

Smart Hind's plug and play WiFi is the most economical high-speed network solution in the world.
  • Cloud based without the need for heavy servers and cold rooms
  • Mesh based without the need for cable and road digging
  • Solar/Wind based without the need of electrical power
  • Auto configurable and self-operating network
The world’s most economical cloud based mesh WiFi is an outcome of technology driven business of Smart Hind and it’s world-wide partners including half a dozen OEMs.

Cloud Based

A single router provides multiple SSIDs to be used by,

  • Smart City network infrastructure for smart power, smart transportation and E-Governance
  • Mobile Operators for 3G/4G offloading
  • Broadband service provider
  • Tourist
  • Ads for Access
  • Pay per use

Fast roll out of end-end 5G network over cloud

  • Fast roll out of 5G Open RAN for city-wide massive connectivity of massive IoT network
  • Mission critical and ultra-reliable connectivity using 5G O-RAN and 5G Cloud Core

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